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Property Finance for Foreigners in Thailand

Finance for foreigners to buy property falls into two main categories.

  1. Local loans for foreigners living, working or conducting business in Thailand
  2. Overseas loans for foreign visitors

Local Loans

All Thailand Banks do offer financing for Thai residents in the same way that Banks in the rest of the world do. Some of these banks will also make these loans available to foreigners based on certain very strict and specific conditions. If you have lived and worked in Thailand, have a stable job with a good salary and several years of tax accounts to show, then this option may be open to you. If you think you may be eligible, then the best advice is to go to all the banks and explain your particular case. Although there are government rules to regulate who can and who cannot receive loans and on what types of property, in today's difficult market, whether to offer a loan may well be down to the discretion of individual bank managers. As a general rule though, you will have to expect to meet all the conditions that you would expect to have to meet in your home country.

Loans are generally offered on up to 70% maximum of the property's market value. The property's are also valued on the individual banks own valuation methods. This may vary widely from the actual purchase price. Rates are usually variable rates on the base rate plus a percentage.

HSBC is one bank offering this type of loan. This will be typical of what you can expect from all the banks if you can meet their lending criteria.


HSBC offers a selection of mortgage loans to satisfy your individual financing needs, from first time home buyers to investors. Choose from our two repayment options to suit your requirements: monthly installment or fortnightly installment. At HSBC, we also offer you free personalized support service so that you can select your mortgage plan with ease and convenience.

Loan Purpose:

To purchase single house, twin house, town house and condominium for residential or investment purpose

Loan Features:
  • Loan amount: THB 1,500,000 - THB 35,000,000
  • Maximum loan period: 30 Years
  • Maximum loan-to-value:
    • Single house, townhouse and twin-house: 80% of appraisal value or purchase price, whichever is lower.
    • Condominium: 70% of appraisal value or purchase price, whichever is lower.
Eligible Customers
  • Age between 20 - 65 years old
  • Thai / Expatriate with Alien Certificate or Certificate of Resident who is working and living in Thailand
  • Minimum gross income THB 360,000 per annum

Overseas Loans for Foreigners

Mortgages and property finance for non-resident foreigners in Thailand is a relatively new subject. Until a decade ago, it was just impossible for any foreigner to get financing to buy any sort of property in Thailand. Since then however, things have started to change. The government began to relax controls in an attempt to promote foreign investment and tourism. The first to offer such finance was the Bangkok Bank who were offering finance only through their Singapore branch, the terms were strict a restricted to condominium ownership as this is the only property type that a foreigner can own in Thailand in their own name. United Overseas Bank then followed suit offering a very similar package.

The last couple of years however have seen a difficult time for the world wide property market. Banks all over the world have changed their approach to property finance and Thailand is no exception. Many of the original packages were made stricter or withdrawn entirely.

Mortgages are governed under section 702 of the Thailand Civil and Commercial Code. The main clause of interest is that the mortgager must have the right of ownership of the property.

It is still possible to get financing from local Thai Banks, but the cases are now evaluated on a case by case basis. We would advise any customer seeking loans to contact the banks below directly. Wise Partners will be happy to offer assistance in the process of applying for loans, but as the situation is constantly changing and loans are based on very case specific criteria, we will not be able to guarantee success.

Banks in Thailand

  • Bangkok Bank PCL.

  • Bank of Ayudhaya PCL.

  • HSBC

  • Kasikorn Bank

  • Siam Commercial Bank PCL. (SCB)

  • Thai Military Bank PCL. (TMB)

  • UOB Public Company Limited

  • Tisco Bank

  • Standard Charter Bank (Thai) Public Company Limited

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